Why EmpowerLegal Videos? The Benefits and Features:


  • Explanations provided with Real-Life Settings – Clients learn from seeing scenarios, not just from an attorney talking about what might take place
  • Uniform Client Education - Training with EmpowerLegal videos creates muscle memory thereby conditioning clients to answer questions promptly
  • Cost and Time Savings – Attorneys can better focus time on the key matters of client cases, not on explaining the basics
  • Affordable – EmpowerLegal is the premier provider of client preparation videos


  • Robust Law Firm Admin Panel, where law firms can:
    • Create a customized client message
    • Invite clients to their own private video portal
    • Add a list of firm litigation attorneys, who can then be sent questions by their clients through the Video Application
    • Track the number of client views by video
    • See invoices and subscription plans
  • Law Firm Clients can:
    • Watch the videos (both on a computer and mobile phone)
    • Save notes within the Video Application and send to their email
    • Send their attorney email questions within the Video Application