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Trial Preparation Video for Law Firm Clients

Going to trial can be one of the most stressful experiences for a client. For many clients, their upcoming trial appearance may very well be the first time that they’ve ever been to court. As their attorney, you know that your client’s answers, demeanor, and ability to not get confused or misled by opposing counsel could influence the outcome.

How You Can Use Our Videos to Expertly Prepare Your Clients

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We know and appreciate the difficulty in educating clients about the trial process. In addition to the fact-specific matters about a case, attorneys must also educate clients about general trial matters, which can be time-consuming. Through our Trial Process preparation video, we can help your clients learn:

  • How the trial process works from start to finish,
  • How to effectively testify on both direct and cross exam
  • How clients can be comfortable and confident throughout trial.

Your time then can be focused on the specific matters of your client’s case, and clients can watch the videos at their convenience – online, or through our iPhone or Android apps.

Why Our Trial Preparation Video Work

Our trial preparation video and other videos offer expert client education around three principals –

  • Unlike other videos, the Empower Legal preparation videos are not limited to attorney-only instruction. Our videos include professional actors portraying real-life scenarios, including how your clients can give the most effective presentation in front of a jury, how they should address your questions in court, and how they should handle opposing counsel tricks and tactics if these matters occur.
  • Our videos allow clients to learn at their own speed and on their own terms. They can watch (and re-watch) the videos as often as desired. This is not the case with in-office presentations, where a client must learn the information being presented by the attorney only while in the attorney’s office.
  • The time and resources of attorneys are best devoted to focusing on matters specific to the case, instead of providing general instructional information to clients. Our videos eliminate the need for attorneys to spend endless hours providing general information to clients about trials, mediations, and depositions. Instead, attorneys can focus their time with clients on the key strategic matters of their case, and clients can become educated at their own pace and get many of their questions answered through our videos.

When your client testifies, he or she will be able to use the knowledge presented by the videos, and will also feel comfortable in court.

What is Included in Your Portal and Dashboard?

Your law firm account will have an individualized portal where you can:

  • Upload your firm’s logo to brand your account. When your clients login to view the videos, they will see your firm’s logo (there is no Empower Legal branding on any of our videos).
  • Create a list of other firm lawyers who will also have access to your firm’s account. These attorneys can then share the videos with their clients.
  • Register law firm clients with a unique password so each client can have access to the videos (our videos can be viewed in a browser, or though an iPhone or android app that can be downloaded). When unique client accounts are created, they can also take notes about the video when logged into a browser or viewing the video on an app.
  • See how many times each client user has viewed a video.
  • Make account changes, such as password changes and other information.

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Empower Legal’s videos are highly beneficial to both lawyers and their clients. Lawyers benefit by freeing up valuable time to focus on the matters that are critical to a client’s case. Clients benefit through increased learning from the high-quality instructional videos, which feature guided narration and dramatizations of real-life situations. Through the videos, clients are able to perform at their best, which can increase their chance of winning.
Jared CorreiaCEO of Red Cave Consulting, COO of Gideon Software, Inc., and a former practicing attorney.