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Remote Deposition Preparation – Preparing Clients During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for attorneys who want to effectively prepare their clients for depositions, trials and mediation.   In many jurisdictions depositions can now be taken by video as a matter of right, and ADR services are in some instances mandating that mediations take place over Zoom.   And as the pandemic continues […]


Attorneys Can Reduce Client Anxiety, In an Age of Anxiety

There’s little doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has induced anxiety in nearly every American.  Whether we’re a patient with the virus, a businessowner whose operations have been forced to shut down, or an employee or has been laid off or furloughed, our individual and collective world view is markedly different than it was only weeks […]


Preparing Clients for Remote Depositions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has, seemingly in a nanosecond,  at least temporarily altered deposition practice in ways we could have never envisioned.   Suddenly nearly all depositions are being taken remotely, if only to comply with orders or advisories that have been issued by state or local governments. If there are time exigencies attendant to cases in which […]


EmpowerLegal Launches Litigation Suite

EmpowerLegal, Inc. launches its powerful Litigation Suite, a series of streamable video tutorials which help litigation attorneys and their clients effectively prepare for major legal events including mediations, depositions and trials. Learn how law firms are gaining the edge in client education.


Client Performance: Lessons from the Playing Field

Different people perform pressure. Learn what you can do to help clients who have pressure difficulties perform to their potential.


Turning Deposition and Trial Prep into a Pre-Op

As a lifelong avid athlete,   it still amazes me that I managed to get to age 46 before having my first surgery.    And at that the surgery—to repair a deviated septum—had nothing to do with my “weekend warrior” activities.   Yet as something of a control freak I was full of angst and worry about a […]


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