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FAQ’s about Mediation, Deposition, and Trial Videos

Frequently asked questions:

What is unique about EmpowerLegal’s video vs. free ones found on YouTube?

While there are many videos claiming to offer client preparation, most only show an attorney presenting his opinion from his desk. Only EmpowerLegal's video recreates a real-life setting, where the viewer can preview and learn from the experience.

My clients expect me to prepare them for their case. Why do I need EmpowerLegal video preparation tools?

EmpowerLegal videos are designed to dovetail with your specific instructions, not replace them. The video reinforces the messages of response brevity, a natural speaking pace, and avoiding the pitfalls of volunteering information and speculation. The ability to view the video multiple times saves you from repeating your instructions to a client who is already nervous and/or new to the process.

How do I maintain attorney-client privilege if the client is asked how they were prepped for the deposition?

EmpowerLegal videos are co-branded with your firm name and logo prominently displayed. When questioned by the opposition, your client can responded honestly that any prep materials were provided by their attorney, thus maintaining privilege.

I have several litigants preparing for deposition; do I have to buy multiple licenses?

No! License the video on a monthly subscription basis, and you can share your unique, co-branded link with your clients. Our pricing is based on the number of litigation attorneys in your firm or legal department.

I am concerned about the security of providing a link to my clients. What’s to stop them from copying the link and sharing it with another client or attorney?

No need to be concerned. Your personalized link is secure and works only from the original link supplied. Attempts to copy or forward the link by anyone but an authorized member of your organization will result in an error.

How is my firm billed for usage?

Your subscription will be billed monthly or annually (depending on the type of plan).

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