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Best Trial Preparation Videos for Deposition & Mediation

From a Few of Our Happy Clients:

Read reviews about out trial, mediation, and deposition videos from our happy clients, and learn how our videos can be the ideal solution for your needs!

As a litigator for 25 years, I found the video to be a great primer for my clients who have never previously been deposed. Seasoned litigator Alan Fanger presents information on ‘what to expect in a deposition’ in an extremely understandable fashion while using helpful examples to demonstrate what to do and what not to do when being deposed.
Deane B. BrownPartner, Hughes Socol Piers Resnick Dym, Ltd. Chicago, Illinois
I am a trial attorney who has litigated complex intellectual property and business disputes for over 20 years and love the concept of a video that I can give to my clients and witnesses to help prepare them for their depositions.Alan has produced a video that will take some of the mystery out of the process and will help witnesses understand how their conduct in depositions could affect the case.
PartnerNational Law Firm, Boston, MA
Having an instant tool at your fingertips to prepare a client for a deposition is priceless. Alan is articulate and his demeanor is likeable to the deponent. He outlines the structure of the deposition and then explains, in terms understandable to the client, each of the techniques for answering questions. By viewing realistic deposition testimony, the client will know how to prepare for the deposition and maximize his or her performance.
Marina Tramontozzi, Esq.North Reading, MA
Alan has regularly appeared as a legal analyst on my radio show for several years. His ability to demystify the legal process for laypeople is extraordinary.
Jordan RichWBZ, Boston, MA

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