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Deposition Preparation Video for Law Firm Clients

Most people have never been deposed. As a result, the thought of being deposed can be unsettling, particularly in light of the unknown questions and tactics likely to be used by opposing counsel.

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At EmpowerLegal, we take away the fear and uncertainty of depositions. Through our expert deposition preparation video, your clients will learn all about the deposition process, including:

  • How to approach deposition as a "managed dialogue"
  • The importance of preparation, clarity, and consistency in testimony
  • How to handle documents and objections
  • How to appear comfortable and confident

Through our video and the education provided, your clients will be prepared to perform at their best in their deposition.

Why do We Believe that Our Deposition Preparation Video is the Best?

We carefully explain the key aspects of the deposition process, and use professional actors to portray numerous circumstances likely to occur in a deposition. Through these scenarios, your clients will learn what they should and should not do through viewing the actor interactions. We also introduce graphical reminders at key points in the video.

Winning Depositions

When your clients are prepared, they will be able to perform at their best in a deposition, and not be thrown off by the tactics that may be used by opposing counsel.

Your Portal – How the Process Works

Every law firm will have an individualized portal where the firm can:

  • Unlike other videos, the Empower Legal preparation videos are not limited to attorney-only instruction. Our videos include professional actors portraying real-life scenarios, including how your clients can give the most effective presentation in front of a jury, how they should address your questions in court, and how they should handle opposing counsel tricks and tactics if these matters occur.
  • Upload their logo and brand their account. When your clients view the videos, they will see your firm’s logo, not our logo.
  • Add all of the firm’s attorneys so that they can access the firm’s account.
  • Create individual accounts for each law firm client. Each client can then login, watch the videos through a browser or app, and take notes and ask questions of their attorney.
  • See the number of views for each video watched by firm clients

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Empower Legal’s videos are highly beneficial to both lawyers and their clients. Lawyers benefit by freeing up valuable time to focus on the matters that are critical to a client’s case. Clients benefit through increased learning from the high-quality instructional videos, which feature guided narration and dramatizations of real-life situations. Through the videos, clients are able to perform at their best, which can increase their chance of winning.
Jared CorreiaCEO of Red Cave Consulting, COO of Gideon Software, Inc., and a former practicing attorney.